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Continues Integration Support Engineer klientas
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The Continues Integration Support Engineer plays a fundamental role for establishing and maintaining the build and release of new software solutions within a large scale enterprise Java EE application architecture. The build master will be working with a team of highly talented software development professionals and will be responsible for successfully and effectively integrating the outcomes of their efforts into a fully functional and efficient software working product.
Responsibilities: Version management * Build process management * Configuration management process * Establish app packaging process * Access to configuration management role * Ensures software build works at all times * Constantly integrates code ensuring the overall product is cohesive and working * Identifies and report errors introduced to the build * Follow-up with developers in charge of fixing a broken build * Ensures automated build scripts are up-to-date and performing effectively * Ensures automated test suite is applied and successfully executed to the build * Ensures code is constantly integrated * Participates in the planning of software releases and sprint planning * Promotes software builds to different environments * Ensures correct code version is applied to the build * Resolves Code/Build conflicts * Ensures unnecessary files are removed from the build * Facilitates branching and merging of the code * Keeps track and reporting of build metrics * Ensures company policies and guidelines are met. * Escalates issues and ensures solutions are in alignment with the overall technology vision * Setting up Maven and Jenkins/Hudson


  • Skills: * Maven/Ant * Unix * Linux * Windows * Understanding of Java EE software development framework * Experience with using SCM (SVN, Mercurial, GIT) * Application servers (Jboss, Tomcat, IBM Websphere) * LDAP * Web services * SQL * Oracle;
  • Understanding of J2EE, JSF, Servlets and HTML * Apache * Hibernate * Spring framework * Spring security;
  • Minimum of 2 - 5 years of experience on system administration in Java EE * Excellent analytical and development skills * Knowledge and experience with web standards and multi-browser compatibility * Strong ability to work across functional teams, including developers, testers and business teams * Attention to detail and relentlessly pursue excellence in producing quality deliverables.

Įmonė siūlo

  • Įdomų kūrybinį darbą tikrų IT profesionalų komandoje, kuriant pasaulinės klasės IT sprendimus;
  • Geras darbo sąlygas;
  • Atlyginimą, atitinkantį darbuotojo kvalifikaciją;
  • Karjeros kilimo galimybes;
  • Tik Exigen siūlomus privalumus.

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Continues Integration Support Engineer
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Jūs būsite nukreipti į kitą portalą. Sekite ten esančias kandidatavimo instrukcijas. Sėkmės!