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Cryptocurrency - Blockchain Engineer


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Job Description

We are looking for a Software Developer that will design & implement Blockchain solutions which may run on Blockchain platforms and composed of multiple software packages.

Please send us your CV in English ONLY and if you are available to start working frm the 1st of October



  • Contribute to architecture, design, and implementation of a blockchain environment including but not limited to the consensus layer, distributed ledger, and smart contracts layer.
  • Build rapid prototypes and work on fast paced projects.
  • Take existing prototypes to production quality code to create new products and offerings.
  • Collaborate effectively with other staff to solve complex problems.
  • Assist with debugging and verification of defects in your own and others' work.

  • BS/MS in CS from reputable university or equivalent experience
  • Background in distributed algorithms.
  • Experience 1+ years of blockchain application development.
  • Experience writing smart contracts and ERC20 Tokens.
  • Experience in writing smart contracts with Solidity
  • Experience 1+ years of Javascript, Node.js, Linux/Unix OS, Go Lang, MongoDB, Express, (MEAN stack) HTML, CSS & jQuery, AngularJS/2, UI/UX.
  • Exposure to multiple programming languages is desired, as the ability to pick up and use the language that suits a body of work is expected.
  • Must be capable of researching alternatives and making architectural/design/business decisions independently.

Company offers

  • Base salary
  • Share Options
  • Bonus
  • Working from home

Job type:
Expiration date:
25 October 2017
26 September 2017


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