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Embedded / .NET / WEB / (INTERNSHIP)

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Job Description

We are providing an internship where you will gain valuable experience and knowledge from the most experienced Teltonika employees. Every trainee will receive a graduation certificate.

In our academy, students can choose between voluntary or obligatory (through an agreement with your higher education institution) internship.


Strong motivation to learn :)

Company offers

Easy to combine with your studies!

Opportunity to learn:

- EMBEDDED PROGRAMMING (LINUX): Teltonika has a wide array of networking products that run on the Linux operating system. In the Teltonika IoT Academy students will learn the Linux kernel software development and integration in the embedded devices and appliances.

- EMBEDDED PROGRAMMING (C): The C programming language is the most popular programming language for fleet management embedded systems. In the Teltonika IoT Academy students will learn how to program or develop the new functionalities by modern embedded systems.

- NET PROGRAMMING The C#  is the new programming language designed for a building-wide range of enterprise applications that run on the .NET framework. In the Teltonika IoT Academy, you will learn fleet management application development associated with WEB or SQL interfaces.

- WEB PROGRAMMING: WEB programming is a necessary part to visualize the Internet of Things field. This process cannot be done without three main WEB parts: design, development, and programming. In the Teltonika IoT Academy students will learn how to analyze, design, develop and launch the real WEB solutions for the existing products.


APPLY HERE: https://teltonika-iot-group.com/lt/career/iot-academy/