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First Officer Human Resources Unit (Recruitment and Selection) klientas
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Reporting to: Head of Human Resources

First officer in the Human Resource Unit (Recruitment and selection group) will be responsible for planning, organizing and managing recruitment procedures for Europol staff and other kind of staff engaged by Europol.
The person will be also responsible for creating recruitment strategies for Europol

The successful applicant will have to:

  • Plan and organize recruitment procedures according to the yearly adopted work programmes, particularly:
-Participate in the personnel budget planning process;
-Prepare job-descriptions together with Head of Units and/or other relevant staff-members and publish the advertisements according to the policy of the organization;
-Manage incoming applications, CV’s and other relevant documents which includes registration, acknowledgement of receipt and checking of formal requirements in relation to vacancy notices;
-Maintain correspondence with applicants providing them with necessary information on the development of procedures;
-Participate in the short-list of applicants in view of formal skills and requirements as mentioned in job-descriptions;
-Prepare the work of selection boards;
-Participate during interviews (replacing the Head of Unit by absence) as a member of the Selection Board;
-Advise and inform applicants on a wide range of matters such as: formal procedures and regulations (bold/non bold posts) employment terms, remuneration, working conditions, draft-contracts and other relevant issues;
-Send letters to selected candidates and prepare decisions of the appointing authority concerning selected candidates;
-Deal with telephone queries from Member States, applicants and others;
-Liaise with temporary agencies and companies related to hiring temporary personnel;
  • Supervise the work of the recruitment group members;
  • Elaborate policies and guidelines, provide consistent and efficient human resources advice and services in the area of recruitment, policy and planning at corporate level;
  • Represent Europol at specialised conferences and at specialised fora;
  • Perform any other task requested by the Head of the Human Resources Unit to assist in dealing with HR related issues and policies.


General requirements (article 24 of Staff Regulation)
The post holder should:

  • be a national of one of the Member States of the European Union (Article 24 of the Staff Regulations)
  • produce evidence of a thorough knowledge of at least two official languages of the European Union including English
  • university degree in the field related to the content of the post, preferably social psychology, sociology, human resources management,
  • 5 years working experience in the area of human resources, preferably in the field of recruitment

Specific skills and competencies required for the post:

a. Professional knowledge:
  • knowledge about the recruitment strategies in public organisations
  • knowledge about the legal regulations related to personnel matters on EU level,
  • knowledge about the quality management methodologies
  • knowledge of the Dutch Labour Law
  • knowledge of international relations;

b. Professional experience:
  • experience in the recruitment and selection techniques (tools and methodologies) activities especially in the public administration,

  • experience in the introducing the quality checking mechanisms and evaluation techniques for the recruitment and selection processes

c. Personal skills and competencies:
  • planning, organising and decision making;
  • skills related to creation of mid-short term strategies;
  • personnel management including group leading capacity and ability in motivating staff.
  • high level of flexibility;
  • oral and written communication skills;
  • initiative and creativity;
  • co-operation spirit;

Įmonė siūlo

Scale: 6

The basic salary is EUR 5,736.61 (tax deduction within Europol is approximately 15 – 20 %)

In addition, when relevant, family allowances can be granted:

  • 5% of the basic salary – household allowance;
  • EUR 284,20 (net) - per dependant child;
  • EUR 926,77 (net) – expatriation allowance
Additional benefits (annual trip home, education, rent and other allowances, excellent health insurance, etc.)
Social contributions and taxes have to be deducted from the above mentioned amount.

Papildoma informacija

Should you have further questions on the details of the above position, or should you require any guidance on completing the application form please consult the EUROPOL RECRUITMENT GUIDELINES or contact us on or by calling +31 (0) 70 353 1628 / 302 52 98.

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First Officer Human Resources Unit (Recruitment and Selection)
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