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Job Description

- Conduct research, suggest new technologies and establish an integrative layer of automation testing using JS
- Work with the development and test engineering teams to automate testing
- Analyze a complicated software system and design a strategy to tests this system
- Participate as a hands-on expert, and build a JS team within the automation group; Operate as the team leader within that group


- Understanding of JavaScript; including functional programming, prototypal inheritance, and common patterns
- Experience with a client MVC framework like Backbone.js, Ember.js, Angular.js, etc.
- Good interpersonal skills that include the ability to effectively communicate in both writing and verbally
- Fast, energetic, diligent, highly motivated with an open mind
- B.Sc. in computer science Or Graduate of a programming course with B.Sc. in engineering/ exact science (physics, chemistry, mathematics) - an advantage

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