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MRM Mining, AB

Bilvägen 4,, Gällivare

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We are a company located north of the Arctic Circle, in Swedish Lapland, with a focus on industrial and civil engineering, a comprehensive provider of industrial services in the Nordic region. Our operations include turnkey contracts, steel and mechanical structures, assembly, rebuilding and maintenance of, among other things, transport systems and special machines. We also have staff and machine rental and carry out advanced concrete constructions and complicated house transfers. Over the years, we have moved more and more from being a purely mechanical company to combining this more with construction and industrial facilities.
The future is the most interesting time and we take it on energetically with good collaborations and a heart that beats for talented employees and subcontractors. This year, we positioned ourselves on Norrbotten region`s top ten list of the county's best growing companies, which we think is great fun. The growth also means that we need to become more successful.

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