2022-07-29 11:26:48


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Job Description

You will be working in our Demand-side Platform development team on following products:
• Real Time Bidding
RTB is high load bidding engine handling up to 200K requests/s, working close to real-time with a time box of 100 ms to handle one request (including transportation). We work with a wide range of technologies in this team, Cassandra, Aerospike, .NET, MS SQL, JavaScript, Puppet – to name a few.
It’s a platform where ad inventory is bought and sold on a per-impression basis, via programmatic instantaneous auction, similar to financial markets. With real-time bidding, advertising buyers bid on an impression and, if the bid is won, the buyer’s ad is instantly displayed on the publisher’s site.
• Private Marketplace
Highly scalable, low latency and fault tolerant ad serving and private marketplace platforms that handles more than 100k req/s and provides targeting, tracking, content optimization and programmatic trading capabilities both for agencies and publishers.


You must be comfortable with describing yourself as:
• Having agile mindset, fast to adapt to changes and feeling comfortable with it
• Good at communication inside and outside the team
• Open and informal
• Good at written and verbal English
Our requirements:
• Proven experience working with highly loaded systems – >100k requests per second
• Has proven experience in scaling out solutions across geographically distributed datacenters
• Worked with a service platform built with Open Source Software
• Expert knowledge in programing with C#, C++ or Java
• Expert knowledge in working with distributed NoSQL databases: Cassandra, Aerospike, …
• Knowledge of Linux: the internals of the kernel, the intricacies of userland, and the ins and outs of packaging
• High availability, high performance, high security, and where each needs to be applied
• System automation with scripting languages
• Out of the box solutions for problems most haven’t encountered

Company offers

• Creative, challenging and interesting projects
• Fast growing product
• Experienced and professional team
• Dynamic, inspiring and international environment
• Creative approach - we don’t believe in “one size fits all”
• Informal style of leadership and communication
• Fun things: leisure zone, breakfast services, snacks in the office, lot of team building events and others
• A lot of servers, complex infrastructure and challenging product
• Best workstation and tools to work with
• Possibilities to learn (conferences, trainings) and work with experts from different countries (offices around the world)
• Possibilities to make us better