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Paysera LT, UAB

Pilaitės pr. 16, Vilnius

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If you ever wanted to work for an international company and you are eager to learn and accept new challenges - Paysera might be the right fit for you!

While our HQ is based in Lithuania, our clients are from 130 nations; we have offices in 9 countries, provide support in 14 languages, and have around 250 people working in more than ten different cities worldwide. But it's all just numbers! Although they are important to understand if you work in the finance sector, there is more than that!

After all, we are the first licensed Fintech in Lithuania. We enable our customers to send money worldwide, collect payments in e-shops, convert currencies, manage their finances with our top-notch app, and more.

So, if this Fintech-talk excites you and you like challenges and continued growth - check us out!

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486 605
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~ €2 186
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