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Project manager

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Job Description

Project Leader Turbocharger

Goals: Leading projects in Europe as from order acquisition (project nomination) to start of serial production.

Description of work

Project management

  • In close consultation with client and internal departments, preparation of a project and project planning and monitoring and achieving this;
  • Project development discussion with the project leader from the customer
  • To synchronize the various activities in the project planning between the different departments internally, customers, suppliers and headquarter;
  • Leading the periodic internal project meetings (APQP meetings);
  • Early warning and prevention of potential problems in the project progress;
  • Coordinating solutions to (production-related) problems and their possible changes to turbochargers which already produced in series
(Future:) prepare and monitor the project budget.

  • Hierarchically report to the Manager Projects;
  • Periodic reports to the ´´steering committee´´ (management team) on the status and progress of his / her projects;
  • Reporting by meeting minutes which is discussed in project meetings internally and by the client;
  • Reporting to customers in ´´steering committee´´ meetings about the progress of the project. This may be in the appearance of a presentation.

Composite / competence

  • Officer of 2-6 projects simultaneously. With one or more clients in one of more countries. The order scope from the projects can vary from 5,000 up to 500,000 turbochargers per year depending on the project for which the turbocharger have been designed. The duration of projects varies from 2-4 years whereupon the production phase is 3-6 years. The total gross turnover can run to approx. 200 millions Euros.
  • Officer decides which proposals / information / technical solutions presented to customer and internal divisions.
  • Officer is responsible for the project and all related aspects from order acquisition until series production
  • Officer has the power to set priorities in activities of the project team members. This includes technical knowledge, insight in the project cycle and tact to find the fragile balance between customer satisfaction and internal technical and commercial interests. The damaging of projects is high.


  • For the timely achievement of the described project goals (design, durability, production, quality, production capacity, documentation
  • For the prompt anticipating on (possible) problems that brings the project goals at risk;
  • For the timely reporting of problems whose solutions lies outside the influence of the officer;
  • To the degree of customer satisfaction on a project
  • (Future: monitoring project budget)

Communication with:

  • With project leading from the customer, internal project teams, with management team and headquarter regarding all aspects of a project. (technical, commercial, process, etc. ..);

The way in which the officer himself, the organization and the products / services presents, contributes to a decisive extent on the degree of customer satisfaction. Tact and policy is a requirement in reconciling the interests of customers and the company.


Project leadership:
The officer has the project leadership in series development phases of multidisciplinary projects (Sales, Design, Engineering, purchase, Production, Planning, Quality, Logistics) regarding:
  • Progress and quality of the project and the achievement of the project goals;
  • Controlling the internal project team members in terms of timing and priorities.



  • HTS (Higher Technical School) or TU (Technical University)

Manual skills

  • Working with a computer
  • Good telephone skills

Expressions proficiency in foreign languages

Required by:
  • Consult with the project leading customer;
  • Consult with the leadership and colleagues;
  • The periodic reporting internally or externally;
  • The holding of presentations and project development review with customers, suppliers or internally.
  • Also in English and German or French language.

Company offers

Information and advice

  • The provision of relevant project information for project team, management, supplier and customer.

Additional information

If You are interested send us please Your CV in English to email:

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Project manager
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