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Sales Engineer Turbo


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Job Description

Description of work

- To analyse the developments in the own market and to inform the management concerning relevant developments;
- To analyse customer applications on correctness and completeness and to get/ask necessary additional information;
- To analyse of receiving customer applications and to lead this on the correct way within the organisation.

- To build, to maintain and to continue the relationships with (potential) customers;
- In close cooperation with Project Engineering, to establish offers for customers for prototypes and also for series production, where in case of the series production the sales price will be determine of the parent company and to carry out the belonging negotiations;
- preparation of offers and subsequent offers in the context of the annual price negotiations in multi-annual contracts;
- import and maintain prices in the automated system;
- (to) deal with payment problems;
- (to) import of prototype orders in the automated system;
- (to) monitor the development of prototype orders.

- Regular reporting of results, deviations and causes compared to the sales plan to the management.

- Working with a keyboard;
- Working with various office equipment.

Complexity / powers
The employee has one or more countries as focus, and deals with several structural projects simultaneously. From of the customer question there will be an intensive cooperation with the Engineering and Procurement for the (technical) specification of the tender. Project time of orders is about 5 years. Officer is authorized to build, maintain and consolidate relations with (potential) customers and the negotiations - whether or not on the basis of prices supplied by the parent company. He is bound by procedures and regulations. The employee is approximately 20-25% active in the field.



- Relationship management within the assigned area;
- A representative and reliable representation of the organization;
- Prepare accurate and complete listings for both prototypes and mass production;
- Are aware of developments in the market;
- Compliance with quality, safety, environmental, health and safety rules and procedures.


- Various departments to customers regarding offers (tenders specifications, pricing, timing, volume, etc.), including Purchasing and Engineering;
- Various internal departments on the entire client (to) question related Engineering, Sales or Purchase Affairs including project selection and progress, prototype and series prices, outsourcing, packaging, future and new projects etc.

Expression skills in foreign languages
English, German or French language is required by the / it:
- Consult with management and colleagues;
- Periodic reporting;
- Introducing the organization and its products / services to (potential) customers, the questions and give information, explain and negotiate offers, making appointments etc.
The way in which staff themselves, their organization and products / services presents contributes greatly to the chances of gaining contracts. Tact and caution is required in accordance with the interests of the customer and the company.

Project Leadership:
The employee has the project leadership in the acquisition phase of multi-disciplinary projects (Engineering, Purchasing, Sales) for:
- Progress of the project;
- Composition of correct and complete project definition.

Company offers

Will be discussed during interviews.

Additional information

If You are interested send us please Your CV in English to email:

Job type:
Expiration date:
15 May 2009
27 April 2009


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