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Senior DevOps Engineer


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Darbo skelbimo numeris 342994

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Job Description

We currently have an opening for the following position: Senior DevOps Engineer

We are seeking an experienced DevOps engineer with broad experience across configuration, containerization and cloud technologies. This position will be part of DevOps team working closely with Software Engineering teams to help create cloud-based solution platform.


  • Put effective automation at the center of what we do
  • Migrate legacy Data Center infrastructure into the Cloud
  • Build and maintain the CI/CD pipelines 
  • Dockerise the rest of the environment
  • Participate in a 24/7 on-call rotation
  • Participate in after-hours scheduled maintenance windows


  • 3+ years of equivalent work experience

  • Experience with cloud platforms: AWS or Azure

  • Experience with Linux or Windows Systems Administration

  • Experience with provisioning and CM tools: Puppet, Chef, Ansible

  • Experience with Containerisation and Container Orchestration: Docker, Kubernetes

  • Experience with CI/CD frameworks: Jenkins

  • Experience with monitoring and log manipulation solutions: Datadog, Graylog, Logstash

  • Experience with VCS tools: Git or TFS

  • Experience with application performance monitoring solutions: New Relic, Dynatrace, Cisco AppDynamics

  • Knowledge of at least one programming language and keen to learn more

  • Knowledge of distributed systems and redundancy, high-availability and performance optimizations

  • Database management skills

  • Experience of working with Software Engineering teams and understanding Agile methodologies

  • Comfort with collaboration, open communication and reaching across functional borders

Company offers

  • Chance to develop a product that makes a difference in people’s life  in a team of professionals

  • Professional training and development opportunities

  • Attractive compensation and benefits package

  • Flexible working environment

  • A personalized development plan and regular progress reviews

Job type:
Expiration date:
20 September 2018
05 July 2018


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