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Joboffer number #89391

Senior PHP developer

CV Market client
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Job ad expired!

Job Description

Overall Job Purpose:


  • smile when you see beautiful code
  • enjoy writing tests and refactoring
  • are on the cutting edge of best practices
  • consider yourself a codesmith or craftsman
  • strive when exposed to a team of smart people


What you'll do:

You'll participate in designing entire application or features and will take it from concept to production. Will use your knowlegde of PHP to write elegant, useful software. Will not back on writing succint tests. Finally you'll get the chance to define your role in our team and help us all excell in what we do best.

How we work:

We like to think of ourselfs as agile and nimble team where we like to change our ways of working and adapting to changes as we go. SCRUM is our chosen methodology, where every team-mate is able to influence not only how we design/develop, but how we work in general. We consider listening, argument over emotion, agility as our core principles and we will die to keep them our core values.


What we need:

  • Advanced PHP knowledge. You should have a few full stack production apps under your belt
  • Experience. Maintaining, improving and administering live production sites
  • Frontend. CSS/HTML, Javascript, DOM Scripting, JQuery
  • Testing. Familiar with testing principles, frameworks and importance of test driven development. Mocking and stubbing should be well known concepts to you
  • Version control. One of: svn, git, mercurial
  • *nix. Should be comfortable at the command line
  • MySQL. Good understanding of performance characteristics and optimization strategies
  • Services. Comfortable when not playing with full LAMP stack and instead of M communicating with web services - SOAP/REST
  • Sharing. The ideal candidate is a good teacher, willing to share their thoughts, opinions and expertise
  • Obsession. Web standards, code quality, and maintainability

Open Source contributors will be given extra consideration.

Company offers

Why you should join us:

We believe in quality, not quantity. We are designing a 24/7 system for
the whole world to use and enjoy. We take that very seriously and
believe that you can achieve anything with a team you can learn from and
grow, as well as let us learn from you. In order to build the team,
we'll give you what you want: competetive pay, control over your job, fun
place to work, challenge of writing robust highly-available software,
influence on hiring people to work with you and chaning overall
direction of the company.

Additional information

If You are interested, please send Your CV in English with subject “Senior PHP developer” to Confidentiality guaranteed. Only selected candidates will be informed.

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Senior PHP developer
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Jūs būsite nukreipti į kitą portalą. Sekite ten esančias kandidatavimo instrukcijas. Sėkmės!