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Sous Chef

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Job Description


Apollo Ship Chandlers



  • Sous Chef ensures the efficient operation of deck 9 food production area. He constantly analyzes quality of food
production and in accordance with recipes set.
  • Checks allocated food outlets, buffets, action stations, and food displays for creativity, quality, cleanliness and food
safety, assuring timely set up. He checks and delegates all special food functions.
  • He assures on-going training and that the high standards set by the Executive Chef are followed.
  • Will work closely with the Exec Sous Chef in order to accomplish tasks related to Inventory, Equipment control and
maintenance, as well as USPH Rules and regulations training and re-enforcement.


  • Assist the Chef de Cuisine in the supervision of deck 9 Galley operations to be in line with the Company’s Standards.
  • Ensure the Recipe review program is followed through by the CDP’s and head of sections.
  • Daily application of the Culinary Check List to monitor production and correct preparation
  • Both the Culinary check list and recipe review must be attached to the culinary package for office review
  • Monitor all Cooks’ working hours and fill out report of overtime for payroll purposes (if applicable).
  • Accountable for the control and maintenance of all equipment in the galley deck 9, and report any damages or
malfunctions doing the necessary follow up.
  • Responsible for maintaining the quality and consistency in taste according with recipes and photos provided by the
Main Office.
  • Monitor the food production and record leftover covers using the provided forms.
  • Control and provide daily food requisitions to the Provision Master for the next day preparation according to the
Executive Chef forecast.
  • Ensure that the Cooks from the storeroom to the Galleys observe the Company’s Rules and Regulations for
transporting all provisions properly.
  • Ensures that all Cooks are in proper, well-maintained uniforms, with special attention to those working in public areas.
Personal appearance and hygiene must be according to Company policy.
  • Ensure that the Galley is ready for any announced or unannounced USPH inspections, done either by the Ships’
Management or USPH inspectors.
  • Will give proper training to the new crewmembers and follow up on their progress.
  • Oversee the preparation and presentation of breakfast, lunch and tapas buffets; and is physically present during service.
  • Duties may include the supervision of the afternoon teatime.
  • Responsible for the set up of the Food Line for the Restaurant Personnel, ensuring that there is enough variety and
  • Must issue requisitions for all the Catering equipment needed for his area.
  • Must be familiar with the Ship’s Rules and Regulations and participate in all required Safety Training Emergency Life
Boat Drills.
  • Must ensure the HACCP program is carried out correctly. Must be knowledgeable with the established quality
standards and Company Policies in order to supervise his or her subordinates.
  • Must have a complete knowledge of the United States Public Health Rules and Regulations and ensure that they are
followed throughout the entire operation on a daily basis.
  • Ensure that the Galley cleaning schedule set up by the Executive Chef is followed by everyone after each service and
exercising proper methods to minimize equipment damages.
  • Must be present in an early standby each time the ship is subject to have a USPH inspection.
  • Must have a thorough understanding of how Time and Attendance operates, be familiar with the contracts and work
schedule hours/week and supporting documentation (Section 8.8 Human Resources Manual).


  • Enforces the established working schedule for the galley team, based on 10 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Assure complete managerial coverage during breaks or meetings.
  • Control overtime and proper time management procedures (work within the set budget).
  • Work as a team member. Does not make any changes without the approval and knowledge of the Chef de Cuisine
  • Enforce “Clean as you go” work habits.
  • Be instrumental in organizing an efficient flow of production. Check all daily events, delegate and follow up.
  • Maintain menus and food quality up to company standards.
  • Constantly thrive to upgrade the food quality and presentation and establish the necessary controls that would assure a
high level of quality and consistency.
  • Check all food requisitions and make the proper adjustments prior to Exec Chef approval.
  • Check food handling and storage procedures wherever food is handled.
  • Follow up on the meat order; work with the butcher on what steps to follow.
  • Check on all galley equipment in your area that has to be fixed and report it to the Asst Food Mgr.
  • Check all coolers daily. Assure that food is well rotated and “first in” is “first out”.
  • Check cleanliness and proper storage of food and equipment in all areas of food production.
  • Assist in daily, early morning meetings with the Ex Sous Chef, CDP’s, Outlet Chefs, Provision Master and Pastry Chef.
  • Check proper storing of all equipment pertaining to your field of responsibility. Train your crew to exercise
responsibility and ownership.
  • All food has to be tasted to assure top quality, any discrepancies dealt with on the spot. Food needs to be ready for
service 15 minutes before opening time.
  • Check constantly that all prepared food is handled with plastic gloves only.
  • All scheduled meetings have to be attended on time.


Personality and Appearance: Must have a pleasant and courteous personality. Must be well groomed, and

  • Age and Health: Minimum age should be twenty-five (25) years old. Physically fit and in good health, without any
previous record of any medical problems, drugs and alcoholism. Must be able to lift up to 50 lbs (30 Kilos) on a daily
basis and able to work a minimum of ten hours per day, seven days a week.
  • Professional Experience and Education: Standard High School Education. Requires a minimum of six years in the
profession (Quality Hotels or Restaurants).
  • Communication and Language Skills: Must be able to read and speak English clearly in order to interpret documents
such as recipes and manuals. Other languages are considered a plus.
  • Work Ethic: Must be a serious professional and take great pride in his work. Adherence to the Company’s Rules and
Regulations is a must for his success on the job.

Company offers

Luxury cruise ships sailing around the World - combine work and travel, but be ready for hard work!

Work experience in International Company
Food, accommodation, and medical insurance expenses are covered by the company

CONTRACT LENGTH 6 MONTH, travel arrangements covered by the company

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Sous Chef
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