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Student at DNS International Teacher Training College

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Job Description

Teacher Training Program with Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy
The 3 year Program at "DNS" - The Necessary Teacher Training College.

DNS is a necessary education for a rapid changing world, preparing you for leading people into the future, a radical program that puts traditional education on its head. It was founded in Denmark in 1972 and since then has been answering to the world changes by modernizing the curriculum and program every time that there is a need, in order to prepare better the ones who will guide the next generations. This year we are starting a brand new program at DNS in cooperation with One World University – OWU – in Mozambique.

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You need, for joining the DNS college offering a BA in Pedagogy:
- A levels or equivalent
- EU passport
- Motivation for hard work, commen lige and lots of challenges
- 550 Euros for the enrollment fee
- Participation in a preparatory weekend at the colege in Denmark
Come to visit DNS in Denmark. There is a preparatory weekends every month where we open the doors for all interested people. We explain you the program, we arrange that you can try social work with students with special needs in Tvind, you´ll try to cook a meal for many people, you talk, make sports and have evening programs with DNS´ers and teachers and finally you can have a one-to-one meeting and maybe enroll for this year´s DNS team or next year´s team.
Starting dates: 1st September 2012, 1st September 2013….

DNS - The Necessary Teacher Training College, Denmark
Address: Skorkaervej 8, 6990 Ulfborg, Denmark
Phone: +45 24424133 or +45 21124360

Company offers

OWU Licentiate Degree in Pedagogy

Bringing up and instructing children and youth to learn the skills and acquire the knowledge
and wisdom they need to carry the future of humanity is no small task. Teachers are needed
who know their trade, who possess a modern perspective of today’s world, and who are willing
to push the boundaries of tradition in search of ways and means of teaching and learning
that will genuinely provide the new generations with the practical tools, the ethics and the human
qualities they require to be able to take on life; as individuals, as progressive citizens of
their country and as modern inhabitants and caretakers of the globe and its beings.

The aim of the OWU Licentiate Degree in Pedagogy is to train such teachers. The program
lasts three years and is carried out in cooperation with One World University in Mozambique,
leading to what corresponds to a Bachelor of Arts degree at a western university.
The program takes you through three practice fields, each lasting one year: The International
Practice Field, the National Practice Field and the School Practice Field. Throughout the
program, you will work and study in a dialectic process between theory and practice. You will
use the real world as your training ground, and people from many nations and all walks of life
will be your teachers. You will acquaint yourself with the world by travelling in it and investigating
its conditions, using an old bus as your pedagogical machine. Later, you will move to a
city, get employment as an unskilled worker, and study the national reality, learning from your
workmates and neighbors, who are also the parents of the children whom you will teach. In
the third year, you will work as a substitute teacher, putting the pedagogical theories you have
learned to the test and trying out and investigating how children learn and what they should
learn – content and methods – using all your experiences from the first two years of the program,
and building your own foundation as a teacher, cooperating closely with the parents,
and finding out how you can widen your practice to the wider community around the school,
using your surplus to initiate both practical improvements as well as cheerful and relevant doings
together with the people around you. Throughout the program, you will be working and collaborating intensely in a collective setting with your teachers and teammates; sharing what you learn, studying, learning, discussing and concluding together, thus intensifying each element of the program and getting much more out of it then you would have done alone.

With the Common Meeting as governing body, and the school run by students and teachers
together, you will, as an added bonus, be in for lots of practical work and training, from changing
oil and repairing the electrical system in the bus to managing the economy, growing your
own food, and maintaining the buildings at the school. You will learn to be productive, solve
all sorts of practical problems, and get things done through own and common efforts – all
excellent and necessary qualities for a teacher to possess in order to excel in her work.
Through it all, you will build deep friendship and comradeship. You will be moved profoundly
by the people you meet on your way. Lastly, you will yourself change and develop as a person, giving yourself a fresh and solid fundament from which to decide your next steps in life.
1st Year:
Period 1: Preparing self, group and bus for the travel, 2 months
Period 2: Travel by bus through Europe and The Sahara desert and several West African countries, 4
Period 3: Bringing it to The Public, 3 months
Period 4: Making and saving up money, 3 months
2nd Year:
Period 5: Experiencing and understanding the European reality, 6 months
Period 6: Pedagogical specializations, 3 months
Period 7: Doing what you find it most appropriate to do, 3 months
3rd Year:
Period 8: The reality of children and teachers in school, 8 months
Period 9: Pedagogical specialization and final exams, 4 months

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Student at DNS International Teacher Training College
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