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Student at DNS / One World University


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Job Description

Be an Activist and take a BA in Pedagogy!
DNS Tvind (The Necessary teacher Training College) in co-operation with One World University offers a 3-years teacher education leading to a BA licentiate in Pedagogy.
We offer unique opportunities to face some of the necessities of our times, with action and solidarity with The Poor of our world. Our program contains the training of essential life skills and for living a meaningful life in the 21st century. Taking part in the program includes a vast array of goals, ambitions and action.... it is about ensuring the experiences you gain have a long lasting impact on the people whose lives you touch. It is about creating peace and development between people by being honest, open and incurraptable. It is about deciding to learn new things, being constantly curious and interested in knowing the latest on current events, world politics and scientific progress. It is essiantially about working on common ground together, helping to secure the ability of others to be productive in society. Coming together with many like-minded people can make the above a reality.

1st Year – The International Practice Field includes 2 months in Denmark preparing for a 4-month bus travel; 4 months bus travel through the Sahara desert and 3 months of elaboration and spreading the word to people in Europe

2nd Year – The National Practice Field includes 6 months training in experiencing and understanding the national reality by seeking employment in factories and other workplaces. Living, studying, working and organizing cultural events in a bigger European city; 3 months studying at the school and 3 months doing what you find most appropriate to do

3rd Year – The School Practice Field includes 8 months training, working and understanding the reality of children and teachers by seeking employment in a European school; 4 months at the college studying and final exams.

Starting date: 1st September each year (saving up period starts now)....
You are self-financed through the whole 3 year education with common economy with your team mates.


- You want to be educated as a teacher or pedagogue
- You have 12 years of school (or equivalent work experience etc)
- You have EU passport
- You master the English language well
- You are open-minded, flexible and motivated to do something good for others.
- You are interested in helping children and young people with special needs and from various backgrounds.
- You are eager to learn and gain experiences in new and unfamiliar work situations.
- Furthermore, you are a hardworking person

If you consider doing this program, the first step for you is to contact us and fill out an application form. We will then get back to you to answer any questions you might have.
Next step is to have a telephone interview to go through practical questions. We also would like that you attend an info meeting in your country or come to our college for a preparatory weekend.
If you decide to enroll, you fill in and sign an enrollment form and pay the enrollment fee. Then you have a place in the team.
You are self-financed through the whole 3 year education with common economy with your team mates.

Company offers

Outline of the 3-year program Licentiate Degree in Pedagogy

· Period 1: Preparing self, group and bus for the travel, 2 months

· Period 2: Travel by bus through Sahara, 4 months

· Period 3: Bringing it to The Public, 3 months

· Period 4: Making and saving up money, 3 months

· Period 5: Experiencing and understanding the European reality, 6 months

· Period 6: Pedagogical specializations, 3 months

· Period 7: Doing what you find it most appropriate to do, 3 months

· Period 8: The reality of children and teachers in school, 8 months

· Period 9: Pedagogical specialization and final exams, 4 months


Preparing yourself, group and bus for the travel - One (2 months)

· 1. Training bus maintenance, bus installations, and setting up camp.

· 2. Practicing bus life, forming bus groups and developing comradeship.

· 3. Choosing and studying about the travel countries – their people and their conditions, history, geography, economy, food production, education system, culture and current situation.

· 4. Studying about African continent – its history, colonialism, liberation wars and independence movements, its resources and the hunt for these, its international debt, its peoples, its leaders, its religions. ……( read more in attach file)

Travel by bus through Sahara - Two (4 months)

· 1. Traveling by bus through Europe and several Afican countries and setting up camp for investigations and studies where planned and where deciding.

· 2. Practicing living on the road, setting up camp, being in a foreign country like fish in water, finding out what to eat, how to meet people, how to find spare parts for the bus, finding places to sleep and study, getting around, building up comradeship and resolving conflicts.

· 3. Venturing out for days, meeting people, participating in their daily activities, living and eating with them, understanding their fights, meeting their culture and values and sharing thoughts with them about the present and the future.

· 4. In the bus or in the camp setting up the mobile classroom with books, computer, maps, notebooks and pens.

· 5. Studying further about the human condition in its many different shapes and forms.

· 6. Putting up investigations on a higher level, asking tough questions to self, to the whole group and coming back from investigations with answers and more questions. ..(read more in attached file)

Bringing it to The Public - Three (3 months)

· 1. Bringing it to the Public I: Studying and training media production: Writing newspaper articles and website articles, making radio programs, making programs for local or national television, writing and performing songs and dramas, writing poetry and publishing it or performing with it.

· 2. Bringing it to the Public II: Making presentations for secondary schools and higher learning institutions, teaching them about the travel countries, the human conditions and what you have discovered you never knew about.

· 3. Training and practicing It’s Show Time using all of the above.

· 4. Improving and perfecting language skills, written and oral.

· 5. Practicing musical skills and skills of the arts. …….

THE NATIONAL PRACTICE FIELD - Four - Making and saving up money (3 months)

· 1. Moving together to a city or region where job opportunities are good.

· 2. Finding free accommodation and getting real creative finding ways to save on living costs without losing out in value.

· 3. Going on job search – and also taking on jobs that would never have crossed your mind: being a maid in the mornings and doing construction cleaning at night, joining a professional cleaning crew, selling food from a food stall, taking the night shift in a factory, driving a moving van and flipping burgers at odd hours as your job number two…..

Experiencing and understanding the European reality - Five (6 months)

· 1. Choosing and moving to a city in Europe to live and seek employment as workers in factories, in service industries, or in other types of temporary jobs – where most ordinary people work and earn a living.

· 2. Living in a group and using the surplus of organizing in common around the practicalities of living to build up a rich and active cultural and political life where neighbors, workmates and other acquaintances are invited and involved in weekly arrangements.

· 3. Studying about contemporary Europe in depth with its history, geography, economy, political system, production, resources, educational system, health care system, system of justice, police and military force, agricultural sector, its people and cultures.

· 4. Studying the world today: Globalization, economic crises, the youth, the elderly, the marginalized and other big issues that also affect Europe.

Pedagogical specializations (3 months) - Six

· 1. Contemplating and understanding the relevance of this question – by first digging deep and finding out what IS actually most appropriate to do right now, and taking all the many pieces of the puzzle into consideration.

· 2. Taking a personal stand to the question of doing what you find it most appropriate to do – with no common answer and no multiple choice form to choose from.

· 3. Taking a collective stand to the question of doing what you find it most appropriate to do – with no common answer and no multiple choice form to choose from…....

Doing what you find it most appropriate to do - Seven - (3 months)

· 1. ONE MONTH / SPECIALIZATION OF HIGHER LEARNING. Planning and carrying out a one month specialization within the field of higher learning: Defining the scope and the methods of the specialization, performing investigations in groups or individually, or the whole team can cooperate within the same field, writing thesis and finishing off with a public presentation.

THE SCHOOL PRACTICE FIELD - Eight - The reality of children and teachers in school - (8 months)

· 1. Working as substitute teacher in different schools and learning settings.

· 2. Teaching children and youth in the basic subjects and using all the experiences from the previous two years to make the teaching lively and special and inviting.

· 3. Teaching children and youth in special subjects such as foreign language skills, music, sports, practical work, the arts and more, using all the special talents and experiences acquired from traveling and living a rich live together.

· 4. Working with the children and youth after school hours, in clubs, as instructor in free time activities, showing good lifestyle choices to the children and youth that build a healthy body and mind…..

Pedagogical specialization and final exams - Nine - (4 months)

· 1. Sharing experiences and concluding thoroughly on all the experiences gained through the 8 months teaching practice as substitute teachers.

· 2. Writing, sharing, digging deeper and producing one pedagogical thesis to dig deep into using the experience and the examples personally seen during the teaching practice.

· 3. Defining and carrying out studies of 1 Licentiate theme – in groups or the whole team together.

· 4. Defining and carrying out studies of 1 ultramodern theme – in groups or the whole team together.

· 5. Studying applied pedagogy, writing, putting up questions, producing answers and formulating theories and arguing for solutions to problems within each of the defined themes – and finishing off with an exam in both.

· 6. Studying curriculum and preparing for final exams during the last month.

· 7. Discussing and understanding deeper your own future and that of Denmark/ Europe, seen in the light of the big issues of the world and how it affects and will affect all its inhabitants.

· 8. Preparing individually and collectively to leave university for extraordinarily useful jobs.

· 9. Understanding and taking a stand to the concept of Open Future and finalizing school with a big bang.

· 10. Meeting for one feedback week at year end!

Job type:
Expiration date:
22 July 2012
22 June 2012
Gross salary:
1000 - 1200 €/m Before tax
Salary information:
Saving up salary is used for tuition fees for the first year of the education. Rest of education is financed through work periods too.


Bachelor in `Pedagogy´
Bringing up and instructing children and youth to learn the skills and acquire the knowledge and wisdom they need to carry the future of humanity, is no small task. Teachers are needed who know their trade, who possess a modern perspective of today’s world, and who are willing to push the boundaries of tradition in search of ways and means of teaching and learning that will genuinely provide the new generations with the practical tools, the ethics and the human qualities they require to be able to take on life; as individuals, as progressive citizens of their country and as modern inhabitants and caretakers of the globe and its beings. The aim of the OWU Licentiate Degree in Pedagogy is to train such teachers.