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Surgical assistant

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Job Description

1) Job purpose:
Carrying out surgical preparations, assisting, instrumentating and circulation duties in accordance with specified guidelines, facilitating optimal surgical treatment.
Looking after patients under local and regional anesthesia, as well as (any) companions.

Managerial skills / being managed by
The surgical assistant will be reporting to the manager OR.

Internal and external contacts
The surgical assistant will maintain contacts with colleagues, patients and specialists, from his/her own department as well as other departments of the hospital.

3) Job description
Duties and responsibilities outlined:
Preparing and executing surgical patient care for all surgical specialities in conformity with the vocational profile of the Landelijke Vereniging voor Operatieassistenten (LVO) (National Association of Surgical Assistants)
Giving guidance to and informing patients and contacts (persons).
Assisting with planned and non planned surgeries/operations.
Keeping up with the developments of the job and contributing actively to developments in the department.
Supervising and coaching surgical assistant trainees and interns.

Outline of activities
a) Preparing and executing surgical patient care for all surgical specialities, in accordance with the
vocational profile of the Landelijke Vereniging voor Operatieassistenten (LVO).
- Sees to/bears responsibility for the availability of all materials and equipment which will be needed
for surgery and ensures they are sterile, complete and in working order. During standby shift these responsibilities will also include the planned surgical schedule for the next working day.
- Instrumentates, assists and fullfils duties as a non sterile assistant in the O.R. during all possible surgeries/operations.
- Carrying out all administrative tasks regarding patient care.
- Making oneself acquainted with all relevant patient information.

b) Counselling and informing patients and possible companions and/or contact persons.
- Provides psychosocial support to the patient and/or companions.

c) Assisting with planned and non planned surgeries
- Keeping the head of the OR informed about the progress of the operation schedule, passes on information about any bottlenecks and consults with the head of the OR about solving these.
- Bearing responsibility during duty for the planning of emergency surgery.

d) Keeping up with the developments of the job and contributing actively to developments at the
- Is responsible for his/her own professional development and learning new skills.
- Contributes actively to developments at the department, for example participating actively at
meetings of the department and possible participation in study groups.

e) Supervising and coaching surgical assistant trainees and interns.
- Coaches the needed abilities of the pupil and supervises and corrects pupils if
- Gives guidance by means of setting a good example for the surgical assistant trainees and/or interns
in order to assist their development as a professional practitioner.
- Coaches (in consultation with the unit coordinator of the Surgery department) colleagues during their induction period and gives them support in difficult situations regarding patient care.


- has the medical diploma.
- has wide experience as well as knowledge of and insight in the points of view and developments of the profession.
- extensive professional knowledge will be needed for performing, coordinating and adjusting the varied and often urgent tasks to another.

- A large amount of independence, ingenuity and initiative will be needed to perform the duties, which will be performed in accordance with specified guidelines and protocols. Reporting and referring abnormal findings and acting accordingly.
- Takes action in case of urgent, often life threatening complications and improvising in case of organizational problems, especially during standby shifts.

Social abilities
- The contact with patients and eventual companions will require the ability to handle people tactfully and sympathizing with them.
- In relation with colleagues the giving and receiving of feedback, as well as being open to testing by peers will be of importance.
- Communication skills will be needed for the contact with other disciplines, for which a cooperative attitude is of great importance.
- A large extent of flexibility and the ability to work well with others is absolutely necessary.

Risks, responsibilities and influence
- There is a possibility of causing physical or psychological injury to patients or damaging the image of the organization.
- In case of supervision of students/trainees one will be held responsible for their actions. The surgical assistant will also be responsible for the surgical care which will be provided to the appointed patients.
- There is a chance of causing material damage to expensive equipment.

Ability to express oneself
- Clarity of expression is essential, both orally and in writing.

- Highly important is the ability to move accurately and swiftly and possessing the ability to react quickly to give medical or nursing treatment. These requirements are met with very strict tolerances. Controlled and precise movement is required.

- A great degree of alertness and accuracy are required with all duties, especially at guarding the sterility during and around surgery, as well as at supervising students and trainees.
- Extra alertness and accuracy are required while performing nursing treatment.

Other requirements
- Integrity is a prerequisite, as one will be handling confidential data.
- Technical insight is required.
- One has to meet requirements regarding presentable appearance and good behavior.
- This job requires people who are resilient to stress whilst handling critical situations.

- Physical stress may occur because of lifting, walking and standing for long periods in sometimes uncomfortable positions and wearing protective clothing.
- Psychological stress may occur because of peak workloads, caused by staffing related issues, as well as emergencies and being confronted with the suffering of patients.
- Difficult working circumstances may be working in protective clothing and getting in contact with unpleasant and/or possible health aggravating materials, as well as working in a working environment which will be primarily artificially lit and noisy through sounds of equipment, alarms, telephones and intercom.
- There will be a chance of personal risk whilst executing tasks or through the actions of a third party. There will be a significant risk of contagion by contact with blood or related substances.

Company offers

* Excellent salary depending on age and experience. (you will get the same salary as your Dutch collegues sometimes higher)
* Assistance in housing

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Surgical assistant
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