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Telecommunications Specialists


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Job Description

The telecommunications specialists - copper jointers will undertake fault fixing work and testing of these systems on completion. Joining physical cables at the exchange, rectify exchange based faults to the distribution side of the network.

In the UK these lines are set in air filled cabling and as such air pressure testing is required on completion. On distribution side the engineers will connect from cabinets, above or below ground in the street, down to users premises, on this side of the network (distribution) these lines are housed in gel filled cables.


Ability to install, repair, and join new telephone exchange lines.

The candidates MUST be experienced on Telecom hardware including regularly found equipments such as: Marconi, AXE 10 Ericsson, Alacatel, Fujitsu hardware engineers would be very likely to have these skills.

The candidates MUST have technical engineering education and minimum 3 years experience.

The vacancies are in UK therefore the candidates MUST speak English.

Company offers

Company offers:

Remuneration - 11£ per hour!
Hours - 40 hours a week
International Career!

Additional information

Our client desperately needs fresh talent to support a great deal of tasking in the UK working on Exchange renewals and fault rectification.

Foreign country
Job type:
full-time, employee
Expiration date:
26 September 2004
26 August 2004
Gross salary:
From 50 up to 54 LTL hourly


Personalo Atrankos Agentūra "Excelsitas" atlieka kvalifikuotų specialistų, o taip pat žemesnės kvalifikacijos darbuotojų paiešką ir atranką įmonėms, esančioms tiek Lietuvoje, tiek ir už jos ribų.