2022-07-29 11:26:48

Video QA Engineer

CVMarket.lt klientas

Job Description

- ensure the high quality of video library;
- work closely with software developers and other departments to improve product quality;
- design, execute and document test cases for program’s video stack on multiple desktop
- test the video components on a wide variety of hardware and computer setups;
- build up, maintain and run automated and manual test environments for hardware and software
compatibility and performance tests.


- relevant education or experience;
- knowledge about harddisks, graphic cards, web cams etc. and their interaction;
- knowledge of TCP/IP networks;
- ability to set yourself in end user's position;
- knowledge of mobile device operating systems;
- good English skills;
- knowledge of C/C++, DirectShow APIs and/or Quicktime is a big plus;

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