2022-07-29 11:26:48

AML specialist

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From 1700 €/m Gross

Job Description

These days we experience a significant increase in requests related to different activities in risk-management/AML/compliance activities, such as providing compliance and AML officer services for crypto-exchanges and provision of AML/compliance consulting services for fintech/EMI-licensed companies.


That is why we are looking forward of having a new member in our lawyers’ team to play a key role in compliance/AML practice for our international clients in the mentioned fields.


We require your expertise and skills not for ourselves, but for our clients. This means that the scope of work may vary in each particular case. Before taking each case or client’s project, we will carefully study it together with you.


Generally, your work shall include the following scope of tasks:

  • legal research on different legal/compliance matters;
  • evaluation of client’s case and business model in the light of AML/compliance risks;
  • elaboration of AML/compliance documentation for the clients that are going to be involved in crypto-exchange activity or EMI-activity;
  • serve as an AML/compliance officer for companies dealing with cryptocurrency exchange;
  • maintain contacts and regular communication with FNTT and LB on behalf of the clients when necessary;
  • building legal arguments or legal position in different cases when the client needs to prove its point or react to regulatory request, etc.;
  • provide regular monitoring of client’s transactions and do all the reporting requirements established by the law;
  • other AML/compliance related work in different projects of similar nature.


  • passion for compliance and AML industry;
  • readiness to work with several clients or in different projects (i. e. different types of business);
  • university degree in law is an advantage;
  • previous experience in AML/compliance for not less than 1 year;
  • understanding of cryptocurrency basics or willingness to work with crypto-related business;
  • experience in communication with regulatory authorities in Lithuania (LB, FNTT);
  • client management experience (you know how to find a common ground with people);
  • fluent Lithuanian and at least upper intermediate English (talking/writing B2-C1) is a must; our clients talk English;
  • conversational Russian is an advantage;
  • diligence and desire to learn;
  • desire to grow together with the firm.

Company offers

  • office in Vilnius with a flexible working schedule;
  • possibility to be hired under labour contract or use a project-basis approach (as you prefer);
  • interesting and diverse projects of various kinds (we have many partners in different countries who refer clients to us);
  • appreciation and full support of your initiative (including bonuses for bringing clients on your own);
  • international professional training and learning opportunities;
  • encouragement of your contribution to our growing law firm and developing of our legal AML/compliance practice;
  • we value our reputation and work with reliable and transparent clients only;
  • friendly and skilled lawyers and accountants who are ready to assist you (we know that AML/compliance industry is quite challenging nowadays and developing rapidly; that is why we would like you to feel the support of our skilled law team which is always ready to assist you in case some extraordinary or complex issues appear).


The salary range for this position depends on the candidate's qualifications and experience, as well as complexity of work to be done for each particular client. We are flexible on that and ready to negotiate in on the case-by-case basis. The starting point for making calculations is the following:


  • from EUR 1700 (before tax) for a full-time involvement;
  • from EUR 700 (before tax) per project for a part-time involvement (several projects may be assigned simultaneously)


We would also be able to discuss during a call certain projects we have in our pipeline and your desirable remuneration for them.