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Bendrosios praktikos šeimos gydytojai Airijoje!

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Job Description

We provide doctors to work in the out of hours family doctor service and in daytime practices all over Ireland The out of hours service is in operation in the evenings, at night and over weekends. Our doctors work on average 40 – 45 hours per week doing various shifts in the out of hours service.

Contract: 1 – 2 year contracts available.

Salary: Average salary for a full time doctor working 44 hours per week is €120,000 gross per year.

We have no problem employing young doctors who have recently graduated from their Family Medicine training scheme as well!!!

When you arrive:

-Orientation period is provided before you start working. This gives you an opportunity to become familiar with the Irish health system and to observe other doctors;
-Assistance with opening Irish bank account;
-Assistance with registering with the tax office;
-Support and advice on living and working in Ireland (accommodation queries, schooling queries etc.).

How to Apply: send your detailed CV in English!


What do you need to work in Ireland?

-Specialty in family medicine(GP);
-Good level of English;
-Be without criminal conviction;
-Have a drivers licence;
-Have two recent references on CV;
-Recent photo.

Company offers

Ieškote daugiau informacijos? Bendraukime:

Adresas: Krokuvos g. 13, 09314 Vilnius
Mob.: 8 624 66641
Facebook: www.facebook.com/darbaisvetur
Instagram: www.instagram.com/darbai_svetur
Svetainė: www.DarbaiSvetur.lt