2022-07-29 11:26:48

Head of Engineering

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Job Description

We’re looking for a Head of Engineering at Interactio to oversee processes and delivery aspects of the platform as well as the team management.  You will work with product owners, technical leads and engineers to delivery best in class solutions to satisfy business needs and key metrics. 

As part of your role you will oversee:

Project Planning and Execution

Working closely with the product managers to breakdown stories into actionable work ensuring that work adheres to the Definition of Ready;
Ensure that user behaviour is well specified and that there is clear acceptance criteria around the work;
Ensure work is completed according to the Definition of Done;
You will work with the product managers and technical leads to ensure that there is the right combination of features, technical debt and operational platform work according to business priority;
Run the cross-functional meetings amongst all of the teams for collaboration and alignment on issues.

Day to Day Operational Support

You will ensure that the appropriate agile (small a) ceremonies are in-place and working to the best needs of the team and business.  This includes refinement of work for iterations, planning sessions and standups.
Manage team capacity, estimation to ensure the team is able to provide an appropriate view of work and suggest potential completion dates;
Manage productivity of the team as a whole, spotting bottlenecks and working to eliminate those bottlenecks (we use haystack).

Change Management

You will carry out continuous improvement with the teams to ensure best practices around development process, operational processes and technical debt;
Facilitate change management through retrospectives with the teams, ensuring that practices are adopted, or abandoned according to their success.

Team Resourcing and Upskilling

Manage recruitment with the team by writing job specifications, developing hiring processes and managing the recruitment funnel.
Manage the onboarding process with the team and ensure their success;
Coach team members and provide personal development in terms of technical and non-technical skills;
Carry out performance management of the team and individuals.
Ensure that the engineering team(s) have sufficient tooling and support - we use the Atlassian Suite (Jira, Confluence), Github, CircleCI.


Ensure that internal quality is measured and reported, liaising with the platform team on software quality issues;
Ensure external quality is measured, managed and that the correct tooling is in-place.

Technology Strategy and Architecture

Ensure with the CTO that there is a clear and consistent strategy that is executable with the engineering team(s).
Understand and work with the platform team on rolling out capability projects (e.g. business rules engine, transaction categorisation engine), devops projects (API Gateway, AWS X-Ray) and data projects.


  • 5+ years experience of managing technical teams ~ 10 to 20 in size;
  • 2+ years spent in a hands on engineering role;
  • You come from a technology background with deep knowledge of Computer Science or a numerate discipline (e.g. Physics);
  • Knowledge of cloud based platforms (AWS, GCP);
  • Strong technical background and understanding of software engineering - agile processes, release management, version control;
  • In-depth experience of a programming language and ecosystem (we use Typescript/NodeJS, Golang, and C++);
  • An understanding of web-applications (e.g. Angular and React);
  • Experience of working in high growth fast paced startup environment;
  • Excellent communication skills with experience working with all levels of business.

Desirable Skills

  • Experience and understanding with media-steaming;
  • Experience of networking and computer systems architecture;
  • Hands on experience of AWS/GCP cloud platforms;
  • Experience working with micro service style architectures.