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Job Description


Do you want an instant promotion?
We are looking for a couple of superstars and as recognition of your status, ability and commitment we will give you an instant 25% pay rise!
That’s right, when you join us we will pay you 25% more than your existing monthly salary.
You can choose to work from offices in LONDON, TURKEY, JOHANESBURG, MELBOURNE or LITHUANIA.
Have a look at www.IDscan.com - www.IDscan.mobi and www.NightClub.co.uk to see what we do...

You will be a member of a distributed, international team. On everyday basis you will write best-of-breed, clean, efficient, and maintainable code using latest frameworks, refactoring existing codebase and applying proven design patterns. You will be involved in all aspects of the development lifecycle - from requirements and design to implementation and delivery.

Interviews available this Saturday, Sunday and Monday in Vilnius & Kaunas or at any time to suits you.


• You know that you are really good with Android or IOS
• You may even have experience in object oriented design and programming.
• Its possible that you have practical knowledge of persistent storage standards - relational and object databases (SQLite and/or CoreData in particular).
• It would be great if you had a Deep knowledge of low-level platform APIs (timers, threads and processes, sockets, resource management, etc.) and hardware.

Company offers

Be a part of talented and highly motivated team working on world-class products.
Career opportunities in a fast growing international company.
Attractive salary, WITH INSTANT 25% bonus salary upgrade package and other benefits.
Investments in your professional development.