2022-07-29 11:26:48

Outsource Manager

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1500 - 2100 €/mėn. Prieš mokesčius

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Get Ready To


· Be everywhere on time

· Become the best friend of our external partners

· Collaborate with foreign actors and casting directors

· Collaborate with local and foreign freelance creative professionals

· Identify customer’s needs

· Provide administrative assistance

· Help create and improve new workflows, templates, shortcuts, etc.

· Be part of the “house of fun”


We Expect You To


· Have experience in project management

· Have experience in juggling different responsibilities at once

· Be driven by deadlines and order

· Be able to adapt quickly to changing projects and tasks

· Have excellent communication skills

· Have great writing and speaking skills in English

· Have no fear of failing

· Be curious, proactive, and creative

· Never kill the vibe

Įmonė siūlo

Talking about perks:


  •         Work hard, party harder. We couldn’t handle to party every time we reach our KPIs, so we stick to approximately once per month. On the other hand, our office never runs out of drinks & snacks to party every day – can you handle it?
  •         Day off cards. The headline says it all. You don’t need an explanation if you’re having a tough day or had a tough party last night. Though use it with caution!
  •         Wolt for late workers. Got to stay up late? You deserve to order whatever you want.
  •         Workation. Bali, Thailand — been there done that. Currently deciding where to go next, any ideas?
  •         Gym subscription. We got you covered, just choose a gym!
  •         Taxi budget. Whether you overslept in the morning or over-stayed in the evening, use your personal budget for a cab.
  •         Fridge full of food. New ideas in the shopping list are always welcome. What’s your favorite snack?
  •         Hot tub. We have a fire heated hot tub in our terrace to enjoy while waiting for a BBQ to be made.
  •         Casual perks. Enjoy a starter pack with our merch, monthly office parties, games zone with foosball, PS4 & VR.