2022-07-29 11:26:48

Sales Representative

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1000 - 2000 €/m Gross

Job Description

CEO of Marketing Software Company is seeking Exceptional Sales Manager

I’m looking for a unique individual with the strongest set of skills, motivation and competence to do hardcore direct sales in Lithuania. This job might take majority of your time. That sentence alone probably turns you off. If it does, this isn't the right job for you.

If you happen to posses the skills, competency and personality traits I'm looking for, this may very well be your dream job.

The mission of our company is to bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds. The company works with traditional businesses to understand who their guests, visitors, clients, and customers are. Through WiFisher, venues know better how to reach out to their customers and can reach them with WiFisher’s automated email marketing tools, or by creating their own customized marketing messages.

I have worked with over 30 sales managers throughout my career and one repeating pattern I saw is that many people who are good at selling tend to think that it’s easy to sell our product. It is not. And many of them were loosing motivation after several weeks of selling the product unsuccessfully. There are exceptions, of course. If you are one of them, if you genuinely like selling and keep the drive even when failing then maybe, just maybe this job could be for you.

Of course we expect the right person to make their first sales in the first two weeks.

The perfect person for this position looks for any way to get a new client. This means that the Sales Manager will spend much of their time on lead generation through calls, meetings, talking to their friends and asking clients for referrals. But, I’d want this person to do much more than just sell the service.
I need a person that will also onboard and support the client throughout the lifecycle…

In short, the right person has to be willing to do virtually anything that needs to be done in order to generate new sales for the company.
I am expecting our Sales Manager to be a fast learner. There are many things to learn in our company. The general culture is to have a friendly competition, so everybody is on a constant track to become smarter by learning and show better results.

Because WiFi Marketing is not widely used digital marketing tool and is still conceived as something new, it’s really important to be able to analyze clients needs and perspectives on the meeting by asking them relevant questions and listening carefully. And in relevant questions I mean that you should be quite leading edge in digital updates and what’s going on the digital advertising market, so that you could get more information on digital strategy of the client and where we can fit our solution.

It’s really important for me to track changes and leads on your market. One of my strong requirements is to have all calls and meetings with clients logged into sales management software that we use. I need somebody organized. This program is easy to use and will help you keep track of all the sales activities you are into on day-to-day bases. Of course I will personally conduct training to onboard you on this sales software.

And well the last but not the least is that I need you to be independent. I understand that at the beginning you’ll have quite a lot of questions and I’ll be happy to support you together with the rest of the team, but at the end of they day we are looking for somebody that strives to work independently as soon as possible.


Some additional requirements for the right person:
- Incredibly proactive. [If I ever run out of To Do tasks on my daily list, I realize I’m not pushing hard enough]. You look for things that need to be done and you do them. You don't wait around until you are told to do something.
- Positive. You have to be positive. I don't want to hear complaints. I want to hear what you're doing to make each day a record-selling day.
- Flexible. You need to be comfortable when plans change when things go wrong.
- Great Communication skills both written and verbal.

Company offers

Compensation is fully negotiable. I'm willing to pay for the right person. I wouldn't expect to find anyone for less than EUR 12,000/year + fat bonuses. So, that's the starting point but I'm willing to pay more if you happen to be amazing. If you are the right person and add tremendous value to our company, you'll come to realize that we are extremely generous. So, if you think you might be the right person for this job, send me your resume and, more importantly, a cover letter. I don't want some generic cover letter… If you do, I'll throw it away without a second thought. Instead, tell me why, in detail, YOU are the right person for this position along with your salary requirements. PLEASE SEND YOUR CV IN ENGLISH