2022-07-29 11:26:48

Senior .NET developer

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Job Description

What are you going to do?

You will be working in our Demand-side Platform development team on following products.

Real Time Bidding

RTB is high load bidding engine handling up to 200K requests/s, working close to real-time with a time box of 100 ms to handle one request (including transportation). We work with a wide range of technologies in this team, Cassandra, Aerospike, .NET, MS SQL, JavaScript, Puppet – to name a few.
It’s a platform where ad inventory is bought and sold on a per-impression basis, via programmatic instantaneous auction, similar to financial markets. With real-time bidding, advertising buyers bid on an impression and, if the bid is won, the buyer’s ad is instantly displayed on the publisher’s site. Real time bidding lets advertisers manage and optimize ads from multiple ad-networks by granting the user access to a multitude of different networks, allowing them to create and launch advertising campaigns, prioritize networks and allocate backfill percentages

Your responsibilities would be:

- Own the full stack: from storage to service to frontend
- Build scalable high load systems using .net, scala, aerospike, cassandra
- Build tools using java script, angular, backbone, nodejs
- Build monitoring system for product using logstash, graphite, zabbix
- Focus on value delivery for customer
- Build beautiful tools: the right one for the right job using the right technology
- Design, build, deploy, monitor and maintain your product
- Collaborate with, learn from, and mentor teammates
- Work closely with other teams to determine interdependancie
- Optimizing the efficiency of development workflows
- Work closely with, and incorporate feedback from product management, client support team, ux designers and it infrastrucure team


- Proven experience working with highly loaded systems – >100k requests per second
- Has proven experience in scaling out solutions across geographically distributed datacenters
- Worked with a service platform built with Open Source Software
- Expert knowledge in programing with C#, C++ or Java
- Expert knowledge in working with distributed NoSQL databases: Cassandra, Aerospike, …
- Knowledge of Linux: the internals of the kernel, the intricacies of userland, and the ins and outs of packaging
- High availability, high performance, high security, and where each needs to be applied
- System automation with scripting languages
- Out of the box solutions for problems most haven’t encountered

Company offers

Are you curious what do we offer you?

- Creative, challenging and interesting projects
- Fast growing product