2022-07-29 11:26:48

CyberCare, UAB

~ 1651.26 €/mėn. PRIEŠ MOKESČIUS

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CyberCare is a company born in Tesonet accelerator's family providing customer support services for cyber security products globally. CyberCare provides AI-powered solutions and multilingual support for customers from 170+ countries, handling over 11M cases per year.

Here at CyberCare we aim to make techworld easy and accessible to everyone.

What to expect? Not necessarily in the same position - we love to send our we-are-proud-of- you letters for people growing inside the company. Around 60% of team leaders were born inside CyberCare. Also, we have Perks that your friends will be jealous of - workations, music studio on-site, stocked kitchen, professional trainings, health insurance and, of course, some fiestas - you name it (oh, and when you do - we will make sure to react)!

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