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Development Instructor in Africa

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Hello Friend of the World,
We are working with One World Center programmes.
A) 18-month Fighting with The Poor-programme; 6 months training and studies at One World Center in Denmark, 6 months at a Humana Project in Malawi or Mozambique starting up Farmers Clubs and Pre-schools and 6 months Bring It to the Public and exams.
B) 24-month Fighting with The Poor & Pedagogy; 12 months working in care homes in Denmark or working with second hand clothes + studies and fundraising, 8 months in a Humana project in Africa or India educating children and youth, 4 months Bring It to the Public and exams.
C) 36-month Bachelor in Pedagogy Licentiate at The Necessary Teacher Training College. This is Another Kind of School - including a 4-month study travel in own buses through Sahara and West Africa, a 6-month work period and culture activism in a European city, 3 months Do What You Find It Appropriate To Do, Saving up, exams and 8 months of Teaching in Public Schools.


Are you more than 18 years old? Holding EU passport? Have you completed a secondary education? Are you able to communicate freely in English? Are you open-minded, flexible and hardworking?

For all 3 programmes there is enrolment fee. You should also come to an info meeting near you or to a preparatory weekend in Denmark at One World Center.
There are different school fees for our 3 different programmes. Therefore, if are interested, come back to us and we can communicate more about the relevant fees.
Read all programs at

Company offers

Here is news to you about our special teacher training college in Denmark, which offers a three year intensive learning-by-doing program leading to a BA in Pedagogy and much more....
Teacher Training. Welcome to DNS - Another Kind of School
Teacher Training Program with Bachelor Degree in Pedagogy
3 year Program

1st Year - The International Practice Field:
- 2 months at the school preparing for a 4 months bus travel
- 4 months bus travel through the Sahara desert
- 3 months of elaboration and spreading the word to people in Europe

2nd Year - The National Practice Field:
- 6 months training in experiencing and understanding the national reality starting with one week at the school. Seeking employment as workers in factories and in other workplaces. Training to be working and living in a group and to function in a bigger European Town. Living a rich and active cultural and political life, with continued studies and organizing cultural events for work mates and others.
- 3 months at the school studying Pedagogical Specialization and starting to zoom in on the School Practice Field.
- 3 months training in doing what you find most appropriate to do.

3rd Year - The School Practice Field
- Training in experiencing and understanding the reality of children and teachers in school, with connected theoretical studies.
- 8 months working as substitute teachers, teaching children and young in different American school settings, practicing pedagogy, studying and specializations after school hours and during weekends.
- 4 months at OWU. Studying pedagogical specialization ending with 1 month of final exams.
Another Kind of School: DNS - The Necessary Teacher Training College, Denmark

A DNS student just wrote this:
"I never liked the way standard education works, how you're supposed to learn things you'll never need in your life, how most of professors are completely uninterested in their jobs and how majority of students are just there to take the diploma as soon as they can. While I was in elementary school I hoped something better was waiting for me in the high school. While I was in the high school I hoped for something better at the university, but unfortunately I went through a lot of disappointments. I saw everything: from corrupted professors to students cheating their way through the whole educational system and even my slightest initiative to try and change something was greeted unpleasantly. With all of this said, I pretty much saw no point in studying like that anymore. I knew I need something else, but I had no idea what.
After my summer journey through Europe I came home and accidently stumbled upon a post about DNS on Couch-surfing. At first I didn't think about joining it myself, but instead I was just being happy that such thing actually exists somewhere. The way you educate students is the way education should be, not spending days and night learning irrelevant facts from the books, but actively participate in your education, learn from experiences and life. Hopefully if I manage to join and finish it one day, apart from the pedagogical sciences diploma, I will also get a diploma in life and that's one that really matters for me."

Many Greetings,
Puk B. Kachimanga, recruitment office One World Center

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Development Instructor in Africa
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