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Felix, et Credo OÜ

Jõe 7, Tallinn

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Felix, et Credo Oü is an Estonian based employment company.

We want to contribute to the development of labour market in the Baltic countries, offering employees different possibilities and new challenges. Our main objective is to be the first choice for job seekers who want to work in Scandinavia.

To our clients we offer various high quality and effective personnel solutions. Our main objective is to be the most advantageous provider of well qualified staff through cooperation with our customers.

Our company is recruiting staff on behalf of our clients for direct employment. Another alternative is to employ them in Felix, et Credo Oü and then hire them out to the customer in a fixed position, or the employee is doing a defined contract work for the customer without being included in the customer's organization.

Please contact us by send us e-mail: office@fec.ee
Our qualified squad is at your service!

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