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Helping Business and IT Perform Better Together

Fsoft UAB in Lithuania and Flowersoft Corporation in the United States of America is the leading provider of end user experience management solutions -- the \"single source\" for end user and application performance metrics from the perspective of the enterprise end user.

Flowersoft Corporation also owns and develops multiple internet projects.

Our innovative solutions go beyond infrastructure and application performance to monitor, measure and manage how end users actually use the application to optimize business process execution.

Reduce Application Support Costs … Improve Application Performance… Drive Adoption… Ensure Compliance… Target training to build efficient and effective end users.

Flowersoft Corp customers not only know if core enterprise applications are delivering an acceptable user experience, but also, if application users are executing key processes effectively and efficiently -- the key to achieving business value and ROI. And that’s the ultimate goal of any Business Service Management strategy, after all.

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