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MarkIT Holding AS

Jalgpalli 1, Tallinn

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The Markit IT marketplace & procurement solution offers over 4 million unique IT products supplied by world’s leading IT distributors. Our Marketplace-as-a-Supplier model means we act as the sole supplier, not a broker. Markit is responsible for the price, delivery, warranty and customer service in general. No passing the buck.

The features of Markit’s marketplace include transparent visibility of spend, real time price & delivery comparisons / “live tendering”, dynamic proof of savings, plus supplier and invoice consolidation options.

Markit was founded in Estonia in 2003 and quickly grew to become the leading B2B IT hardware and accessory supplier in the Baltic region. This formed the base for quick future European and global expansion, adding 2 - 3 new countries per year.

At Markit, we believe IT purchasing should be simple, transparent, and efficient – in a way that not only saves money on product prices but reduces purchasing process time massively.

In 2020, our revenue was 122.6M euros, an increase of 9.4% on 2019.

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