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Job Description

We are looking for a tester to improve and maintain one of  Europe's fastest growing Telecom operators e-commerce solutions. You will be able to create an easier and more convenient experience for around 690 000self-care users.  Think along with the team to seek improvement opportunities and adapt to constantly changing environment.

How can Nortal offer you such an opportunity? We combine strategy, change, and technology to deliver meaningful impact. Together with close to 600 specialists, we create data-driven and seamless processes for governments, businesses and healthcare institutions in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, and now also in the USA. We run projects in more than 20 countries across the globe, with the aim to simplify and optimize naturally complex processes in order to create a seamless society.
Here are some examples of what we have achieved:
- Created meaningful impact for 35 million telecom subscribers across Baltics and Nordics and parts of Asia alongside key telco operators, and 100 million across the United States alongside one of the leading telecom players.
- Propelled Oman 127 places up the World Bank ranking for Ease of Doing Business by changing local legislation and creating an e-Business Registry to boost local business setups.
- Built roughly a third of Estonian eGov solutions, playing an important role in transforming Estonia into a digital leader. According to Europe's Digital Progress Report 2016, Estonia has the highest score for Digital Public Services. 

Our client is one of Europe's fastest growing Telecom operators, who is actively developing its e-business capabilities in Sweden, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Netherlands and other countries. The total number of customers is around 17 mln. Today the number of self-care users has reached around 690,000. The scope of the e-business program includes self-care, e-commerce and integrating 3rd party solutions with back-end systems. The client needs a partner who thinks along with the business area, is eager to seek improvement opportunities and is able to adapt to constantly changing environment.

Agnė Gapsevičiūtė, Nortal's Tester "My projects are interesting to me because things are moving and changing all the time. The clients constantly come up with new ideas and needs which most of the time have very tight timelines. And the functionality that we implement for the clients is never the same therefore it is always interesting to figure out how something new will look and work in the system. It is never boring".


  • a methodical and systematic way of thinking
  • extensive knowledge and practical skills in testing methods and techniques
  • initiative and enthusiasm about asking the right questions and solving problems
  • good team work, client management, and communication skills
  • at least 2-3 years of experience as a software tester

Company offers

  • work in an international team of experts and via various Nortal offices
  • great career opportunities with constant improvement, high-quality training to develop skills and gain new experiences
  • impact within the team and the company, contributing to the decision-making
  • an opportunity to grow and learn by being part of Nortal’s active and inspiring developer community with +200 global advocates
  • you will be able to contribute to the decision-making – people in charge are in the next room and the doors are always open
  • people-oriented atmosphere. We strive to create an environment where people can feel comfortable
  • every Friday we have joint breakfasts, on Thursday we celebrate office birthdays
  • participation in Nortal’s legendary events, team-building and trips, conferences and room for spontaneous ideas and joint activities.