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Agroindustrial Kimitec

S.L. Paraje Cerro de los Lobos S/N, Maavi Innovation Center Building, Vicar

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Kimitec is a disruptive biotechnology company, made up of about 250 workers with its headquarters, research center and factory located in Vicar, ALMERIA, Spain.
It has had a great worldwide development over the last few years and its main business is focused on developing and manufacturing natural plant nutrition products applied in the agricultural sector. It combines four natural areas: botany, micro algae, microbiology, and green chemistry that combined obtain three lines of products: bio stimulants, probiotics, prebiotics. At the same time, there are two more sectors that are being worked on: the development of organic animal nutrition (Sachs) and natural human nutrition (Life Probiotic and Next Food). The company investigates, develops and manufactures, and markets it in two ways: either through specialized distributors in each country, or because it manufactures for large worldwide distributors.
The 250 people that make up the company are divided approximately as follows: 50 people R&D, 20 people marketing, 35 people production and factory management, the rest is made up of the commercial department and transversal departments.
Kimitec has its own branches in the United States and Brazil, Peru and China; more than 30 countries are led by a Kimitec Country Managers (in some countries with a team behind). We are present in Baltic States for over 6 years.

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